European Environment Agency

Past Meetings

2019/06/06 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ecsite conference

Please find the presentations here.


2019/05/22-23 in Zurich, Switzerland

3rd face-to-face meeting

Please find the presentations and the minutes of the meeting here.


2019/02/26 in Copenhagen, Denmark

2nd face-to-face meeting  took place at EEA premises in Copenhagen on 26th February 2019.

Please find the presentations of the meeting here.


2018/10/18 in Copenhagen

1st face-to-face meeting at EEA

Please find the minutes of the meeting here.


2018/09/20-21 in Edinburgh

31st EPA Network plenary meeting


2018/06/27 First webinar meeting

EEA and interested EPAs discussed the timeline and content of the work plan.

Please find the minutes of the meeting here. 


2018/05/24-25 in Utrecht

EPA Network’s Citizen Science Interest Group meeting


2018/04/12-13 in Dublin

30th EPA Network plenary meeting


2017/09/25-26 in Stockholm

29th EPA Network plenary meeting