European Environment Agency


Sweden participates both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this initiative.

  • Project of municipality of Malmø with link to the University of Lund (AQ experts)
  • 25 pre-schools were chosen, pupils 0 to 5 years
  • Two diffusion tubes per school, maybe sensors on staff
  • Results in December 2018
  • Hoping to be able to involve a communication expert
  • Involve environmental organisation?
  • In Sweden most parents are working full time à probability that children are dropped by car is relatively big
  • Suggestion from Spain: plan e.g. ‘green routes’ within the project

They have so far received the report for phase 1, with some key experiences and results defined. Because of large constrains of the Swedish EPAs budget, they have to find a new solution for funding, and are in contact with the local authorities in Malmö, where they have plans for a phase II in the schools. They will come back as soon as possible to us about the progress.